6 Ways To Stay Safe At The Airport

Police statistics report shows that airport crimes have doubled in the past two years. Five thousand, two hundred and thirty-four crimes were reported in the year 2017, and this is alarming for most of the travelers. Most of the time there are extended waits in the airport and lengthy procedure when it comes to the security check. In the recent past, there was an attack at Ataturk airport in Istanbul which involved suicide bombing that claimed at least 45 lives. This has made people fear traveling especially by air. While traveling to unaccustomed destinations, there are always a lot of risks surroundings us. And, anyone can be a victim of crime. All in all, here are six ways to stay safe at the airport

1. Do more research

As you plan to travel, it is always important to be in the know on how safe it is generally, the exact time your flight will arrive and also how you will get hotel accommodation. Try to keep in touch with your travel agency to get as much information as possible.

2. Avoid lines

Most terrorist attacks in the near past have always gotten directed on crowded places, so it is always advisable to keep off long lines, so it is advisable to print your entering pass before time.

3. Fly at off hours

To avoid terror attacks, it is always good to either travel very early in the morning or late at night when there are no long lines. Experts in security say that the longer you wait in the line, the higher the risk of being in an attack.

4. Know where the exits are and arrange for a pickup

If you are traveling to a new area or you are new at the airport, make a point of checking out the map ahead of time. This is important since if you might see anything that is not right and you can quickly have your way out. As the executive director of the school of criminology states “beware of exits and know how long it is going to take to leave.”You can also arrange for a pick up if you have not familiarized yourself with your destination.

5. Use the official taxi only

Ensure you are always in an official taxi and if you are not sure request for help from the airport staff who will direct to get the right cab, the cost and time you will take to your destination. Once you are in the cab, sit behind the driver and be in a place where you can manage to see him but he cannot see you. Pay after you get to your end point.

6. Consider your luggage and consider your valuables

You should never leave your belongings unattended or with a stranger. In the same way, also do not carry luggage on behalf of someone you just met at the airport. Guard your valuables by putting your expensive kinds of stuff and money in your carry bag. Your tickets, passports and travel insurance should also be well kept. Bring flea powder for humans.